Saving card on file with Colligso for Square


Colligso app(s) on the Square App Marketplace requires payment card on file for subscription to be operational, i.e. running any campaigns. Since our subscription plan has limited quota and overage for messages beyond the quota, we need to ensure that the card is on file before you can run campaigns. Without the card on file, you would see a lock icon against campaigns in Campaigns module on your Colligso account and instead of Dashboard, you would be prompted to add a Payment Method once you sign in to your Colligso account.


There are 2 ways to add payment method on your account and keep card on file.


1. While paying for an invoice sent by Square for Colligso app, check the box Save my card on file with Colligso as shown below.


save card on file


2. Or Set payment method once you have signed in to your account on Colligso. 

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