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Can I send text messages to my customer?

Colligso TextIn supports 1-1 conversations with customers. However, this feature is available in the USA only and on selected plans. Check out TextIn website for more details. Here is how you can use it. 

Setup (one time)

  • Click Profile on right top and set your mobile # in the Phone field. You would send and receive text messages to customers from this number. No worries, your number would not be revealed to the customers.

Start conversation

  1. Select Menu->Customers.
  2. Search the customer you want to send text message to. (Avoid using country code +1 while searching for the mobile number)
  3. Click on Customer ID to bring up customer profile.
  4. Click on Chat button as shown below.
  5. Look for a text message on your mobile indicating to start conversation. This text message will also have a keyword to use to end the conversation as well. 

Start conversing! You can only participate in one conversation at a time from your mobile. 

Start Chat

End conversation

  1. Terminate every conversation before starting the next one. Either party can end the conversation by sending the keywords BYE or EXIT.

Once a conversation ends with one customer, you can start a new conversation with a different customer. 






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