How can I enable order notification?

TextIn sends a text message to the customer associated with an order informing her/him that the order is ready.


Order notification is not enabled by default, follow the instructions described below to enable Order Notification on your account as well as to change the default notification message. Check out the screencast.

  • Login to your account
  • Select Menu->Business->Sites
  • Select site you want to send order notifications from
  • Deactivate the site (do not deactivate Campaigns, Segments and Devices)
  • Click Edit
  • Select Advanced switch on right
  • Select Branding & Media
  • Check Order Notification checkbox
  • Write your message in the Order Notification Message* text box. Keep it concise, text messages are charged at segment of 160 characters.
  • Save the site and Activate (since we did not deactivate Campaigns, Segments and Devices earlier, no need to activate these with the site).


Screencast: Configure Order Notification

(enable close captioning/subtitles)


* The default message is as following where variable $ORDER_NUMBER is replaced by the actual order number. 


Your order # $ORDER_NUMBER is ready.


In your ordering app on point of sale or elsewhere, if you are capturing the first name of the customer with every order, you can address the message as following as well.


Hello $FIRST_NAME, Your order #$ORDER_NUMBER is ready.


Note that TextIn automatically adds a footer on every outgoing business message. This footer includes your business name, city and phone number as shown below. The values inside {} are automatically picked up from your business settings. It also adds instructions Text STOP to stop in case a customer wants to stop text messaging from your business. You cannot remove this footer.


{business name} {city} {business phone} Text STOP to stop


So, the outgoing message for order number 101 would look like the following for example with {business name}, {city} and {business phone} replaced with values from your business settings.


Your order # 101 is ready. {business name} {city} {business phone} Text STOP to stop


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