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Set Payment Method 💳 🎞️

Payment method is required to operate campaigns from Colligso. Follow these steps to set payment method (see screencast)

Menu -> Business -> Billing -> Payment Methods -> New

Currently, we accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and PayPal Credit as payment method. You can pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can also pay from your bank account via PayPal. 

If you have installed our app from the following platforms, payment method is REQUIRED to keep your account operational (running campaigns).

If you have installed one of our apps from one of the following partner platforms, payment method is NOT required to be set up on your account.  


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Note that we (Wavelety Inc. (dba Colligso) do not store your card details. We use PayPal or Stripe for payment processing. We just store a card token. Find out more about their data protection and PCI-DSS compliance at our payment processors' respective websites. Debating what type of card to use? Check out this article on Credit card vs. debit card: Which one is safer? 

For signup via our website,, multi-site (location) accounts, payment method can also be set up at corporate level (Select Site: All) or at an individual site level per your accounting needs. 

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