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Why Text campaign ๐Ÿ’ฌ does not send any messages?

If you installed Colligso TextIn app on 3rd party platform like Clover, Poynt, Shopify, Square, etc., you would see your customers imported and shown under Total Customers in the Dashboard. Colligso only imports customers who have opted-in for marketing.


Get written permission from customers' devices 

You cannot send text messages to those customers using a Text campaign yet. SMS marketing using TextIn requires a written permission from your customers from their personal devices before you can reach them with any announcement, message or offers. This 2nd opt-in is required to protect your business from stringent Federal Trade Commission regulations in the US. In order to get the opt-in from imported customers, Colligso provides you a pre-built campaign.

  • Select Menu->Campaigns->All
  • Select the campaign with name starting with phone_text_default.
  • Edit the campaign and change its Schedule. Pl. remember that SMS messages have high open rates and they are normally seen within a few minutes of receipt. So, set schedule judiciously.
  • Save and Activate.

Once this campaign sends text messages to your imported customers, they may respond from their personal devices with their preference for following your business. Give it some time to collect all responses. Those who have responded positively are put in Reachable Customers segment as can be seen on the Dashboard.


Change targeting if you have previously taken written permissions

If you have previously obtained written permission from your customers from their own devices, you can send messages by selecting the following segments in targeting of your campaign (Advanced->Targeting). Select segment names that start with


  • importUsers-pos-sms
  • importUsers-api-sms


New customers are automatically asked to opt-in

As new customer data is entered on your account on supported partner platforms or integrated customer facing apps, TextIn would automatically get opt-in from those customers.


Does your campaign include a picture? See Enable picture messaging on my account


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