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Mobile Network Operators (MNO) Text (SMS) Message Delivery Rates

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source: The Campaign Registry

Mobile Network Operators (MNO) have different approach to throughput for text (SMS) message delivery. The following tables illustrate AT&T and T-Mobile terms with relative classes and tiers. Terms may be subject to change by MNOs at any time, please refer to official MNO documentation for up-to-date terms


AT&T provides throughput based on each campaign and not based on the Brand. Each campaign is assigned its own message class that corresponds to a specific throughput. Throughput is not shared across other campaigns for the same Brand. 


T-Mobile provides daily allowance for throughput, which is allocated to each Brand and tied to the Brand's EIN. If the Brand has multiple campaigns, that daily allowance is shared across all campaigns. If the Brand is registered multiple times (by the same CSP or different CSPs) using the same EIN, throughput is shared across all registered campaigns for that Brand.


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