Register brand and text campaign with the Campaign Registry (TCR) using Colligso



The Campaign Registry (TCR) requires businesses to register their brand using their business tax identification information in order to send high throughput SMS messages over 10DLC route. Colligso is a registered Campaign Service Provider (CSP) of TCR. Following steps describe how to register brands and campaigns from your Colligso account.


Brand Registration

  • Businesses and leaders submit their required identifying information from their Colligso account (Business->Settings).
  • Once the brand is successfully validated by TCR (mostly within minutes), Colligso would provision a 10DLC number for the business.


Note: Once the brand registration completes, Colligso would automatically register default campaign for mobile, bulk opt-in and order notification for your brand so you do not have to.


Campaign Registration

Once you have created Text or Text Hashtag campaign, follow the steps described below to complete registration. Since you cannot change the campaign after registration with TCR, we recommend registering Text campaigns at least 30 minutes before you want the campaign to execute. Earlier the better. 

  • Open the saved campaign.
  • Once registered, you cannot change the campaign message or the image (if applicable). Verify your message and image before taking the next step. Make changes if required.
  • Click Register to register the campaign.
  • Wait for the registration to be approved. Usually TCR gives gives approval within minutes.
  • Once approved, activate the campaign. Activate action is disabled till the campaign is approved. Without activation, messages won't be delivered.


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