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How can I notify or page a customer when order is ready using GoDaddy Poynt?

Poynt Order Notification 

Order fulfillment notification is available on GoDaddy Poynt. It is easy to set it up. 


1. Install Colligso TextIn on GoDaddy Poynt

Set up (one time)

  1. Set up on GoDaddy Poynt
  2. Set up on Colligso

1 On GoDaddy Poynt

Open the Register app and select menu to set up Order settings.

  1. Order notification is sent only when an order is completed. Enable Order Auto Close if you are not going to close the order explicitly.
  2. Drag Notes icon to the first row
  3. Close

Order Settings 

2. On Colligso

Follow instructions provided on Helpdesk article How can I enable order notification? to set up order notification on your Colligso account.

Order time!

On GoDaddy Poynt

  1. Create order
  2. Capture customer's mobile number
  3. Update order for notification
Create order

When creating an order, capture customer's mobile#. There are a couple of ways.

a. One easy way to capture the customer's mobile number is by sending her/him a Text receipt as shown below.

b. You can also use TextIn box to capture the customer's mobile #.

Update order for notification

For orders from GoDaddy Poynt, Colligso TextIn requires a specific keyword on the Notes section of your order in order to trigger a notification of fulfillment.

  1. Open your order to be fulfilled using Menu->Orders of the Register app.
  2. Tap on Notes.
  3. On Add Notes, enter keyword go
  4. Tap Update.
  5. Close the order if it was not closed. Order notification is only sent when an order is closed.

 Select Notes

Enter go


Send notification

TextIn will automatically send a text message to the customer associated with the order informing her/him that the order is ready once you update the order as described above.

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