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Configure Cisco Meraki Go WiFi to use Colligso's Captive Portal



Cisco's Meraki Go WiFi access point is very easy to set up as shown on Meraki's website How it works? You can purchase these devices directly from Meraki's partners.  


To connect your Colligso-provided Captive Portal with Meraki access point, follow the steps described below.


Colligso Configuration 


Sign up for Colligso SpotIn or TextIn WiFi plan.


Now configure your Colligso account to recognize your Meraki Go access point.


1. Login to your Colligso account.

2. Business settings

Captive portal uses logo, address, etc. from Site and Business settings. Follow the instructions provided in Where should I update branding, logo, etc.? to configure these.

3. Follow the steps described in Add WiFi access point.  


Meraki Configuration


1. Select Externally hosted on Meraki app when configuring your landing page as shown below.



2. Enter for TextIn or for SpotIn in Website.

3. Select Walled Garden and add the domains listed in What is Walled Garden configuration for Colligso Captive Portal? and save.

4. Set Timeout Frequency as your need. After this time expires for a customer, s/he will automatically be re-prompted with the landing page.

5. If you want customers to be redirected to your website after they connect to WiFi, set your website in Redirect to Website.



Test the integration


Now test the integration.


1. Connect to guest WiFi (SpotIn or TextIn) and test opt-in.

2. Login to your Colligso account.

3. Verify that the customer data used for connecting to WiFi is listed under Customers. 

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