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Configure Ubiquiti Networks UniFi WiFI Access Points to use Colligso's Captive Portal for guest WiFi



This article describes how you can configure Ubiquiti Networks UniFi WiFI Access Points to use Colligso's Captive Portal for your guest WiFi. UniFi WiFI access points are available for purchase directly from Ubiquiti Store, Ubiquiti's distributors and also from many retailers including Amazon, B&H, Walmart, etc. 


Colligso Configuration


Sign up for either Colligso TextIn WiFi plan or SpotIn plan based on your needs. 


Now configure your Colligso account to recognize your UniFi access point.


1. Login to your Colligso account.


2. Business settings


Captive portal uses logo, address, etc. from Site and Business settings. Follow the instructions provided in 

Where should I update branding, logo, etc.? to configure these.


3. Configure Device Controller


Device Controller setup is required so our Captive Portal can inform your guest wireless network in UniFi Network application when a guest device connects to your network. Follow the steps described in Add WiFi network controller to Colligso.


4. Add UniFi access point


Follow the steps described in Add WiFi access point. Each access point used for guest WiFi at your site should be registered.



UniFi Configuration

You will require UniFi Controller software to configure your network devices. Ubiquiti also offers the UniFi app, which is available from the App Store® (iOS) or Google Play™ Store (Android). You can use these to provision a UniFi AP for basic functionality without configuring a UniFi Controller. With UniFi Network, you can set up and manage your UniFi Network devices, as well as have full oversight and control of your network’s traffic, security, and wireless performance. 


Following steps are required to configure Colligso Captive Portal to work with UniFi WiFi access points.


1. Configure your Guest wireless network as shown in the screenshot below. 



Especially configure the following

  • Select Open for Security
  • Check Apply guest policies (as captive portal, ..)


2. Configure Guest Control as shown in the following screenshot.



 Here are the steps



Test the integration


Now test the integration.


1. Connect to guest WiFi and test opt-in.

2. Login to your Colligso account.

3. Verify that your mobile# used for connecting to WiFi is listed under Customers.

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